Order Spring-Summer

This is where you place your customer orders w. 3 weeks returnright/payment.

Once you have placed your collection order, this is also where you can order your workwear as this is connected to your collection order-size, you must place that order first, before the option appears as a button on top of the page.

Workwear can normally not be exchanged, and must be placed in one order.


Shipping date:

If you do not choose a date, we will ship the order either on the same day or the next working day.

Backorders will always be sent along with new orders. 

If you choose a specific date, we will send the order on the day you want.

If you are placing several orders, please use the shipping date to coordinate one shipping day for all orders. 


Where should the goods be shipped to?



Returns /working clothes

Please note that it is only possible to order work clothes once during the season

Therfore you must collect your order of work clothes in one order

You can order {{vm.friendtexData.workWear.canBuy - vm.friendtexData.workWear.bought}} pcs. working clothes with 20% discount

Choose product

Style no. Style Style name Variant Quantity Stock pcs. Price
{{line.product.no}} {{line.product.title}}
On Stock {{vm.getStock(line.product, "available")}}
Coming on stock {{onWay.amount}} (Calendar weeek {{onWay.weekNumber}})
{{vm.getPrice(line.price.price)}} {{line.price.currencyText}}

Quantity total

{{vm.basket.totalQuantity}} Pcs


Costs 12 EUR excl. VAT per package

Total price incl. VAT

{{vm.getTotalPrice()}} EUR

Shipping date:

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