Dear consultant,

GOOD NEWS FOR YOU! We’ve changed the date for the completion of exchanges from the 1st to the 30th of November!

You can therefore wait to register your last exchange until the 30th of November.

We hope that it will give you a huge advantage meaning you can now sell the collection for 4 additional weeks. It has been unusually hot in August and September and so many customers will be only now realizing that they need new and warmer autumn clothes.

The first part of our seasonal reductions will be expedited on the 22nd of November.

When we start our sale, on the 22nd of November to the 30th of November, you will only be able to exchange collection styles for basic styles and other styles that are not reduced.

Black Friday is November 23th when you will also be able to secure some great styles to reduced prices.

Our ‘end of season’ sale will be held from December 11thso you can purchase some great bargains for Christmas!

Happy Selling

Team Friendtex