How much you sell, when you sell and why you
sell is all up to you. It is your business. Selling the
Friendtex/Once range can give you minimum
30% and up to 44% on sales.



You can get your business going within
minutes. No skills needed. The only thing you
need is a bundle of friends, a passion for fashion
and the will to build your own business.



We have a dedicated team of stylists. Some have been with us
for more than 30 years.Selling Friendtex is a lifetime passion for
many of our consultants. And we are proud of it. We love people as
much as we love fashion. So join us today!





Book a conversation by filling in the form beside. We will call you for a chat, and we'ill find out,
whether we are a good match!



We 'ill talk you through the concept.


You send us a signed contract. We send you a login to our ordering site.

Here you order your first collection, and we ship the following day. 


Now all you have to do is to go out and make appointments with your future customers,
so that when you have received the collection, you already have the first 3 appointments. 












>What’s in it for me, and how will I get paid?

Your earnings are: Your purchase price is half the catalogue price*, plus 25% vat. You will not be employed by Friendtex. Your earnings is the difference between the purchase price we invoice you, and the recommended selling price. 

>How can I Start, and how much do I need to invest?
You do not invest to get started. In the UK/Ireland however, you need to pre-pay 200 euro prior to dispatch of your collection. You can start with a small collection consisting of 40 styles you choose yourself. The 40 styles can consist of both Friendtex and once and from basics. With this collection, you can hold your first presentations and sell off the rail. For your next presentations, you can re-order new items to sell directly of the rail.

>How can I sell? And where will I find customers?
You can sell however you like. On parties, on individual styling session, on special occasions, or like… You will be surprised how many customers you are surrounded by.: Family, Friends, Colleagues, Kindergarten – mums, from sports, from Clubs and so many other places. Gather them all up, and you will know more than 100 women.…

>What is a styling? And do I need to be a trained stylist, before I start?
A styling is what you make it into. It can be as simple as finding two styles that fits a customer well. Or it can be a complete analysis as to the customers style-preferences, colour-analysis and then renewing the customers wardrobe completely w. combinations and more combinations.

>How many hours do I need to work?
It’s all up to you. It’s your business. Whether you go all in or just do a little. That’s your decision. We only provide you with a great combination and stock.

>If I start, do I need to fulfill turnover targets?
No, you do not need to meet any targets. Here at Friendtex, we put no one under pressure to meet any turnover targets. Again: it’s all up to you.

>Can I sell the collection in my online shop only?
You may link to our online shop, and you may offer our articles at full price via your homepage. But we would much rather that you see the advantages of selling personally and directly. Only that way you can give your customers the best advice and the best combination. Being close to your customers also allows you to obtain a very close connection with your customers.

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