From the chic streets of Paris to the lush and verdant
fields of Provence our new collection takes you on a journey
which will provide stylish inspiration and advice on your
new season wardrobe choices.

Enjoy our guide to the latest trends which combine signature
detailing, striking colours, original prints using the very best

Spring is here and we hope you fall in love with 
our feel good Danish style!












Vi er passionerede omkring at sikre dig tidløse, klassiske styles med flatterende snit – og altid i de bedste kvaliteter.
Vi fortolker aktuelle trends og designer styles der er tilpasset til at passe alle typer kvinder fra størrelse XS til Plus size.

Lad vores stylister rådgive dig på en god og ærlig måde. du kan glæde dig til fantastiske farver, originale prints og gennemtestede kvaliteter. Vi udvælger de stærkeste trends og bedste kvaliteter for at opnå de mest flatterende snit og silhuetter, der klæder kvinder bedst. Vi gør det nemt at være tidløs, velklædt og stilsikker. Boost dit forårslook med et power-look fra den nye forårskollektion.



We make shopping personal again! 











The world's resources of raw materials are limited and by buying
recycled material or sustainable grown fiber crops you are supporting
the environment and helping the world in the fight against waste. 


This collection is our first step towards combining fashion
and sustainability - we hope by playing our part we can help
and make a difference. Re think comfort an informal
approach to elegance.


You only live ONCE - think twice...







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These colors will set you apart from the crown. Candy
coloured pastels from sunshine yellow, rose champagne and
powder brown will lift your spirits and your style!

Inspired by the fashions of the late 80's and
early 90's this theme has been updated to be 2019
fashion forward.

With accents and volume sleeves, high waisted pants
and skirts in soft, silky fabrics to
make you feel feminine, modern and elegant. 

Din vare er nu tilføjet til indkøbskurven