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Cathriona Greaney

Shopping and fashion have always been two of my favourite pastimes so when I discovered I could run my own business selling women's clothes it seemed I had found my dream job - and I was right!
Three years ago I became the first consultant to launch Friendtex in Jersey, the Channel Islands. During that time I have invested in building a chalet/home shop in my garden so that I can offer my customers a more enjoyable shopping experience, established a loyal and growing client base and recruited one additional consultant to sell in Jersey.
As a busy mum with two children, I was attracted by the fact that I could set my own working hours around my part-time day job and build my own business with the support and assistance of the established and successful Friendtex brand behind me.
Six seasons on, I have established a client base ranging from women in their mid-20s to retired ladies in their late 70s and 80s. Last year, for the first time, I hosted a fashion show of the Autumn/Winter collection, which included 16 models and attracted an audience of 150 women.
Each season I average twenty home parties. In addition, many of my clients value the personal service I offer and so make appointments on a one-to-one basis. This side of the businesses has grown significantly since I opened my chalet.  I now plan on recruiting more fashion consultants in the Channel Islands and sharing this wonderful concept with other women who wish to build a rewarding business from home.